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YPS Steering Committee


The YPS Steering Committee works proactively to convey information about ASPS/PSF to residents and young plastic surgeons and encourage their professional development through membership in ASPS. Participation on this subcommittee is an opportunity for young members to become actively involved in the Society and the Foundation.

The YPS Steering Committee assists with the Annual Meeting's Residents Day and provides input on programming for the annual Senior Residents Conference. In addition, the committee has responsibility for the YPS Luncheon event and the Fresh Faces panel presentation during the annual meeting.

The YPS also hosts the popular Medical Students Day during the annual meeting, contributes to the quarterly YPS Perspective supplement to Plastic Surgery News and encourages participation in advocacy efforts spearheaded by ASPS.


The YPS Steering Committee is structured to reflect the organization of ASPS. There are workgroups in the areas of Advocacy, Education, Communications, Member Services, Research, Academic Affairs and International Services. If you would like to learn more about the activities of the YPS Steering Committee or any of the workgroups please contact a committee member.

YPS Steering Committee Members

Joshua Adkinson, MD
(317) 944-3636

Steven Albright, MD
(936) 270-3680

Ashley Amalfi, MD
(585) 273-3103

Olga Bachilo, MD
(281) 665-2626

Omar Beidas, MD
(412) 641-3725

Keith Blechman, MD
(212) 427-3982

Ronald Bossert, MD
(585) 275-1000

Jeremy Chidester, MD
(801) 513-3223

Bianca Chin, MD
(888) 372-2446

Jeffrey Claiborne, MD
(615) 321-1010

Sara Dickie, MD
(847) 499-5500

Erin Doren, MD
(414) 955-1000

Brian Drolet, MD
(603) 366-0468

Anthony Echo, MD
(713) 441-6929

Brent Egeland, MD
(512) 324-8320

Warren Ellsworth, IV, MD
(832) 522-8400

Russell Ettinger, MD
(734) 936-8925

Kent Higdon, MD
(615) 936-3759

Nicholas Howland, MD
(801) 856-3821

Jeffrey Kozlow, MD
(734) 936-5885

Umbareen Mahmood, MD
(917) 426-2936

Joyce McIntyre, MD
(508) 334-5933

Adeyiza Momoh, MD
(734) 232-3900

Sanjay, Naran, MD
(847) 318-9330

Phuong Nguyen, MD
(215) 590-2211

Eamon O'Reilly, MD
(858) 688-7367

Ash Patel, MBChB, FACS
(518) 262-2229

Aviva Preminger, MD
(212) 706-1900

William Rahal, MD
(917) 426-7874

Smita Ramanadham, MD
(617) 638-8419

Matthew Ranzer, MD
(312) 996-9313

Michelle Roughton, MD
(919) 966-3080

Amita Shah, MD, PhD
(210) 567-6989

Christopher Shale, MD
(801) 387-4750

Deana Shenaq, MD
(832) 421-4024

Indranil Sinha, MD
(617) 525-7360

Jacob Unger, MD
(615) 932-7700

Kristen Yee, MD
(707) 525-8080