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YPS Presents: How to Build and Protect Your Wealth as a Young Plastic Surgeon

Speakers: Lawrence B. Keller, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, LUTCF

Description: This complimentary webinar will cover retirement planning vehicles to include, but will not be limited to using IRAs (Traditional and Roth), SEPs, 403(b) Plans, 401(k) Plans, 457(b) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, the rules associated with them, their contribution limits and why saving early is important. How to properly structure your investment portfolio using asset allocation, funding for college education(s), how to properly structure your disability and life insurance policies to best protect yourself and your practice.

Lawrence B. Keller is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and the founder of Physician Financial Services, a company dealing exclusively with the financial needs and concerns of members of the medical profession. Mr. Keller has spent the last twenty five years providing insurance and investment products and services to resident, fellow and attending physicians. Mr. Keller is continuously conducting seminars dealing with issues such as income protection, wealth accumulation and asset protection. He has been quoted in Medical Economics Magazine, and has written articles for a myriad of medical publications which include Plastic Surgery Practice and Plastic Surgery News Magazines. He also contributed to the book The Business Of Plastic Surgery: Navigating A Successful Career and is the author of PLAN FOR SUCCESS, a guide to financial management, published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

YPS Presents: Terminating Employees Without Lawsuits

Speakers: Joel J. Greenwald, Esq.

Description: This presentation details the potential legal risks facing employers when terminating employees, and offers advice on how to mitigate or avoid those risks. Key issues covered include: legal obligations of employers under federal and state law; proper legal risk assessment in terminations; steps employers should take in preparation for terminations; and viable, cost-saving alternatives to layoffs and terminations.

Items to be covered include:

  • What should be involved in the decision to terminate?
  • Can you really fire someone without a reason?
  • What are the biggest termination mistakes?
  • What documentation is needed to support a termination?
  • Decisions about severance and separation agreements

Joel Greenwald is a dynamic attorney and a Managing Partner at the law firm of, Greenwald Doherty LLP. Focusing on labor relations and employment law, Joel advises and represents management on myriad legal issues. His educational and accessible style endears him to clients and colleagues alike.

Joel believes in helping employers avoid litigation from the start. With a wide range of innovative legal services and engaging training sessions for management and human resources, Joel establishes clear strategies to achieve compliance with federal, state, and local workplace laws and regulations. Joel has also pioneered The Values Effect, a toolset that helps companies use their values to discipline and terminate high-performing, yet toxic employees, while also ensuring a positive and productive work culture for the future.

YPS Presents: Contracting - From the Employers' Side

Speakers: Michael S. Byrd

Description: The YPS Steering Committee is proud to present this complementary Resident webinar featuring Michael S. Byrd, a business and healthcare attorney. This session will focus on contracting from the employee's perspective as a precursor to the Senior Residents Conference panel: "Contracting - From The Employers' Side."

Michael S. Byrd is partner at the law firm of ByrdAdatto, a national business and health care boutique law firm based in Dallas. Michael and his firm represent physicians in the spectrum of issues that arise on the business side of medicine. Michael helps specifically with physician employment agreements and other contracts, setting up medical spas, surgery centers, other ancillary entities, designing business models, structuring partnership transitions, asset protection planning, mergers and acquisitions, and federal and state regulatory compliance.

Michael has lectured throughout the country for medical conferences, including speaking for the ASPS senior residents conference on multiple occasions. Michael also routinely speaks at academic institutions, including UT Southwestern School of Medicine and Baylor School of Medicine.

YPS Presents: How to Speak With Presence

Speakers: Sarah Gershman, President of Green Room Speakers

Description: In a highly complex and technical field such as medicine, the ability to present information clearly is both critical and difficult. In this lively and interactive session, you will gain a toolbox of concrete speaking strategies that can be applied immediately - in any speaking setting. Learn how to hone your message, and use your voice and body language to make that message stick. Sarah will show you how you can cultivate your own executive presence and connect with any audience. All participants will have opportunities for practice and feedback.

Hiring Smart(er): For Young Plastic Surgeons

Date: June 18, 2014
Speakers: Karen Zupko, President of Karen Zupko & Associates, Inc.; Glenn Morley, Consultant

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