Join a Committee

ASPS invites you to apply to serve on one or more committees.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to improve the practice of plastic surgery by influencing health policy, research, quality issues, leadership and professional development, ethical behavior, and best practices for domestic and international service missions.

Residents, with approval from their training program directors, may serve and have voting privileges on designated Society and Foundation committees.

The letter of recommendation should adhere to the following format and be emailed to the Governance Department of the ASPS Executive Office at

"This letter confirms that as the training director of (name of resident), I declare he/she is in good standing and has my approval to serve on an ASPS or PSF committee.

Printed Name of Training Director
Printed Title
Printed Name of the Institution"

How to Apply

  1. Log into your member account 
  2. Click on the “My Account” tab
  3. Select the “Membership/CME” tab
  4. Select “Committee Applications” from the list on the left hand side

Application deadline was May 31, 2014.

If you have any questions, please email ASPS at

Residents Serving on 2014 ASPS/PSF Committees

Annual Meeting Program
& Instructional Course Committee

Justin Cohen, MD

Brentley Taylor, MD

Nicholas Panetta, MD

Phillip Khan, MD

Som Kohanzadeh, MD

ASPS/PSF Board of Directors

Anup Patel, MD

Curriculum Development Committee

Aaron Berger , MD

Arash Momeni, MD

Ashley Amalfi, MD

Emme Chapman-Jackson, MD

James Collins, MD

Janae Maher, MD

John Fischer, MD

Jonathan Rimler, MD

Kristi Hustak, MD

Mariela Lopez, MD

Matthew Brown, MD

Sahil Kapur, MD

Sanjay Naran, MD

Sebastian Winocour, MD

Michelle Lee, MD

Sebastian Brooke, MD

Clinical Trials Network

Anne Peled, MD

Jenny Chen, MD

Government Affairs Committee

Anup Patel, MD

Health Policy Committee

Daniel Krochmal, MD

International Scholar Committee

Devan Griner, MD

Patient Safety Committee

Daniel Hatef, MD

PSF Volunteers in Plastic Surgery Steering Committee

Nicholas Howland, MD

Quality & Performance Measurement Committee

Derek Rapp, MD

Research Development Committee

Shaun Mendenhall, MD

Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee

Anup Patel, MD