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ASPS Residents Council

The purpose of this group is to improve resident involvement in our Society and advocate for resident interests at the highest levels of plastic surgery. The ASPS Residents Council gives residents the opportunity to contribute to ongoing projects within ASPS and the YPS Forum, as well as develop new projects specific to residency training and beyond.

Importantly, the Residents Council serves as the primary modality through which residents can implement change on a national level and impact the future of plastic surgery. Through this program, residents get the opportunity to gain exposure to organized plastic surgery and develop the skills important for pursuing leadership positions in the future.

The term is one year beginning November 1, 2021, at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2021 and concluding at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2022 the following year. Each term appointment is for one year, up to three consecutive years.

The Residents Council is led by the Resident Representative to the Board of Directors and reports to the Membership Business line through the Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee.

The Residents Council meets in person in conjunction with Plastic Surgery The Meeting and has conference calls intermittently to conduct business throughout the year.

We are looking for one junior and one senior resident representative from every program in the country. Interested junior and senior residents from integrated or independent plastic surgery programs should apply for the Residents Council no later than June 30, 2020.

Programs are encouraged and welcomed to make multiple applications per institution.

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