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Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine may cause swelling, inflammation in those with facial fillers

The FDA is reporting that people with cosmetic facial fillers could experience localized facial swelling and inflammation after receiving the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19. The reactions have been mild, and physicians say this information should not stop people from getting the vaccine when able.

The FDA approved the Moderna vaccine Dec. 18 based on a late-stage study of 30,000 volunteers. However, three trial participants with fillers – two who had cheek fillers 6 months prior to being vaccinated and one who had a lip filler two days after receiving the vaccine – experienced swelling and inflammation. Each was reportedly treated with oral steroids and antihistamines, which quickly resolved the reactions.

The ASPS Patient Safety Committee will review reports of reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines in plastic surgery patients and provide additional information to membership as it becomes available.

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