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Vote now on ASPS, PSF Bylaws and ASPS Code of Ethics amendments

Active and Life Active ASPS members are encouraged to vote by May 31 on various amendments to the ASPS and PSF Bylaws and the ASPS Code of Ethics.

The ASPS/PSF Bylaws Committee considered various amendments to the Society's and Foundation's bylaws as recommended by or in consultation with several task forces and committees, including those listed below:

  • Ethics Code & Disciplinary Rules Task Force
  • Task Force on NC SOP (Nominating Committee Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Governance Committee
  • Conflict of Interest Committee
  • Trustees
  • Membership Committee

In addition to suggesting edits to the ASPS Bylaws, the Ethics Code & Disciplinary Rules Task Force proposed edits to the ASPS Code of Ethics related to the requirement for members to report to the ASPS Ethics Committee when their right to practice medicine has been restricted by state, provincial or national medical practice act, statute, governmental regulation or medical licensing authority – or when members' ABPS certification or Canadian equivalent are placed on probation, suspension, terminated or otherwise affected. The ASPS Ethics Committee and ASPS Judicial Council concurred with the task force's recommendation.

The ASPS/PSF Board of Directors approved the recommendations of the Bylaws Committee and Ethics Code & Disciplinary Rules Task Force. The board encourages members to approve proposed amendments to the ASPS and PSF bylaws, as well as the ASPS Code of Ethics by the May 31 deadline.

The two ballots can be found here: