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International Residents Forum

The ASPS International Residents Forum (IRF) gives international residents the opportunity to contribute to ongoing projects within ASPS and the ASPS Global Partners, as well as develop new projects specific to residency training and beyond. Our purpose for this group is to increase resident involvement in ASPS and the ASPS Global Partners, and they advocate for resident interests at the highest levels of plastic surgery.

IRF serves as the primary modality through which residents can implement change on an international level and impact the future of plastic surgery. Through this program, international residents get the opportunity to gain exposure to organized plastic surgery and develop the necessary skills to pursue leadership positions in the future.

A Message From the Chair

Greetings to all esteemed members of the ASPS International Residents Forum (IRF), I am deeply honored and humbled to have been elected as the Chair of this vibrant and impactful community. As we stand at the cusp of new opportunities and challenges within the field of plastic surgery, I am excited to embark on this journey with each of you, aiming to fortify our collective presence on a global stage.

The ASPS IRF's mission statement is one I hold close to my heart. It is a testament to our shared commitment to not only advancing our professional skills but also contributing meaningfully to the broader discourse and practices within our field.

During my term, I aspire to:

Enhance Global Collaboration: Foster stronger ties and collaborative projects between residents across different countries, leveraging diverse experiences and insights to enrich our understanding and practices in plastic surgery.

Empower Resident Leadership: Develop initiatives aimed at equipping residents with the skills and opportunities to assume leadership roles, both within the ASPS IRF and in the wider plastic surgery community. I believe in nurturing the next generation of leaders who are not only skilled surgeons but also compassionate advocates for patient care and ethical practices.

Innovate in Education and Training: Advocate for and implement innovative educational resources and training programs, tailored to meet the evolving needs of residents. This includes embracing new technologies and surgical techniques, ensuring our community remains at the forefront of the field.

Champion Resident Interests: Actively seek feedback and engage in dialogue with residents to better understand your needs and aspirations. This will enable us to more effectively advocate for resident interests and ensure that our actions and projects truly reflect the priorities of our community.

Sustainability and Impact: Initiate projects that not only address immediate concerns but also contribute to the long-term sustainability and global impact of our field. From environmental considerations in surgery to ethical dilemmas in practice, we aim to lead thoughtful discussions and actions.

I look forward to working closely with each of you, learning from your experiences and collectively pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve as a forum. Your passion, dedication and innovative ideas are the bedrock of our community, and together we will shape the future of plastic surgery on an international level.

Jing Qin Tay, MBBCh, MRCS, PhD, MBA
Plastic Surgery Resident
Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital, United Kingdom
Chair, ASPS International Residents Forum

International Residents Forum Roster

Ignacio Cello, MD

José Federico Viñas, MD

León Graneros, MD

Lisa Ellis, MD

Stephen J. Goldie, MD

Paul Fernando Fajardo Morales, MD

Camilo A. Serrano Rojas, MD

Patricia Videc, MD

Azra Sattler, MD

Saskia Carolin Tosun, MD

Alita Indania, MD

Stephanie Bollard, MD

Natasha Christodoulides, MD

Gilad Winder, MD

Alessandra Ceccaroni, MD

Paola Pentangelo, MD

Mario Alessandri Bonetti, MD

Giulio Tarantino, MD

Julio Daniel Aguilar Castillo, MD

Luis Francisco Barragan Fernandez, MD

Mauro Garibaldi Bernot, MD

Carlos Morales, MD

Fernando Isaac Recio España, MD

Luis Tamez Pedroza, MD

Raz Di Bartolo, MD
New Zealand

Jorge Luis Chilon Paucar, MD

Luis Gerardo Sandoval-Ortiz, MD

Michelle Nicole A. Alano, MD

Princess Irene Dy, MD

Katrina Lobo, MD

David Gonçalves, MD

Santiago Sanz Medrano, MD

Hung-Hui Liu, MD

Lara Alsadoun, MD
United Kingdom

Chad Chang, MD
United Kingdom

Francisco Moura, MD
United Kingdom